Team Debt Free Students (TDFS):  

TDFS is a program of Stocks Vs. Jordyns – Peace Power Change. TDFS was formed to help its student members attend and pay for any college/university, trade school or online business school of their choice and graduate debt free.  

Too many students are going to college, and either graduating or dropping out with a MORTGAGE size student loan debt.

Our goal is to help these students (past, present and future) eliminate their student debt; both loans and credit cards.

All members of TDFS must be SVJPPC Affiliates so they too can benefit from a sound financial literacy education, which includes “How to Monetize Social Media” and “How to Make Money Using Affiliate Marking”.

Each TDFS member will have the opportunity to put into action the concepts that they will learn, and use the systems to earn money for school, pay down their student debt and Spring Break. 

Together Everyone Achieves More

Circulation of Money