Becoming an SVJPPC Affiliate

When you become an SVJPPC Affiliate….

Your child and/or your family will be provided with creative financial literacy and a practical lesson in “Return On Investment” (ROI) using the Golden Rule.

 Each SVJPPC affiliate/ family will be able enroll in the “All Access Pass” platform by the McCrary (Online) Financial School, FREE, for the 30 days.

     *  Your child will learn the “Top 30” financial concepts every child should know.

     *  Your family will learn how to build generational wealth, PLUS more!

Each SVJPPC affiliate/family will receive the Sneaker Fundraiser Package ($100.00  value).




When you become an SVJPPC Affiliate, you gain access to premium resources and training and also help to support youth across the country.  Click the buttons below to find out more.

Through this fundraiser, young adults ask family and friends to make monetary contributions in $ value equal to or greater than their sneaker size.  Participants keep 100% of their profit, to save and reinvest in their financial literacy!  Learn More


TDFS is designed to help students attend and pay for any college/university, trade school or online business school of their choice and graduate debt free.  Learn More

Help support the establishment of this premier national mentoring program and training of 15 chapter/foundation mentoring programs to a certified standard over the next three years.  Learn More


Stocks Vs JordynsPeace Power Change (SVJPPC) Affiliate Package

1. The McCrary Financial School All Access Pass* ($30.00 value):

          - 30 Days Unlimited Access

          - Future Financial Gurus (Top 30 Concepts Every Child Should Know)

          - Understanding Financial Literacy

          - Ryan McCrary’s Financial Guide

          - How to Monetize Social Media

          - How to Make Money Using Affiliate Marketing

2. Sneaker Fundraiser Affiliate Package ($100.00 value)

3. Membership on the “Cash Flow Team”**

($270.00 value)

SVJPPC Affiliate Fee: $100.00

For each additional sibling, the cost is $15.55: see Sneaker Fundraiser

*After your 30 days, you have the option to continue or cancel your All Access Pass membership.  

**Your team’s coach will be assigned or will be the person who referred you to SVJPPC.