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50 years since MLK’s Vision; 55 YEARS SINCE MLK’S DREAM

Ages 10-17, must have parent(s) or guardian permission



Our goal is to help of our Youth, Teens and Young Adults learn Financial Literacy, the Circulation of Money and how to benefit from Affiliate Marketing; so the can help bring PEACE, POWER, & CHANGE to their Communities. 

How does it work?

Each new 5055 affiliate will receive an SVJ-PPC Sneaker Fundraiser package. Each package includes 11 bookmarks for their contributors and a fundraiser log sheet.

Each 5055 Affiliate will keep 100% of their profit to save and to reinvest in their self development and financial literacy!

This is their first lesson as an “Entrepreneur”; Return on Investment (ROI).

Actual Bookmark Front


Actual Bookmark Back


Fundraiser Sheet/Log

Princess Destiny - Future BO$$!

"Built On Self-Success"