Save Our Sons (SOS) Package


Stocks Vs. JordynsPeace Power Change (SVJPPC) is pleased to announce their support of the Save Our Sons National Mentoring Program.

This program is under the leadership of Brother Anthony Jarrell, Director of Mentoring and founder of Omega Mentoring Youth along with Omega Charites Inc.

SVJPPC goal is to help raise the $60,000.00 start up capital needed.  That amounts to 3000 Save Our Sons packages sold! 

Will YOU help?

For your support of the Save Our Sons program you will receive:

     -   One (1) SVJPPC Affiliate Package

Also, SVJPPC will donate 40% of the Affiliate cost to each of the following:

     -  (20%) Save Our Sons National Mentoring Program

     -  (20%) a designated Youth program of YOUR choice

  *  Be sure to click “Save Our Sons” when you enroll.

For more information about Save Our Sons please contact:

Brother Anthony Jerrell at 513-620-2866 or