Stocks Vs. Jordyns presents “Cash Flow clubs”

How To Become A 3-Hour Millionaire!

An SVJPPC “Cash Flow Club” is a fun filled opportunity for young people (8th grade+) to play the investing game, “CashFlow”, by Robert Kiyosaki that actually teaches investing. 

The SVJPPC “Cash Flow club” Objectives:


Providing Education And Cooperative Economics

     * Using the 3 R’s – reading, ‘riting & ‘rithmatic

     * Having FUN learning financial literacy

     * Learn how to Escape (stay away) From the Rat Race

     * Understanding the Financial Freedom Formula


Putting Opportunities Within Everyone’s Reach

     * Applying the Financial Freedom Formula

     * Using a Digital Education System (National Wealth Center)

     * Save Your Self Time Energy & Money (S.Y.S.T.E.M.)

     * True Circulation of the Dollar


Charity Helps All Neighbors Grow Economically; “Think On I AM”

     * Using the GOLDEN RULE

     * Return on Investment in SELF

     * Reviving the Family Financial Structure

     * Resurrecting the Community


SVJPPC "Cash Flow Clubs" are now forming in the Philadelphia, PA area.  For more information, email: